Clean Room Fabric

           Antistatic ESD fabrics with high air permeability and high particle retention properties have to undergo some special processes in order to be used as a clean area garment fabric. Their weight varies between 100-110-120 gr / m ^ 2 and fabric widths to 155 cm and varies according to the clean area to be used. Please contact us for more information.

  • Antistatic – Clean Room Fabric = Antistatic – ESD knitted fabrics
    EN 1149-5:2008 standarts ( polyester / carbon )
    Surface Resistance : 10^6 – 10^8 ohm
    EN 1149-5: 2008 certified
    Compatible with EN IEC 61340-5-1

NOTE: Surface resistance was measured at room temperature (22 ° C) using the EN 1149-1 test method. Measurements were taken from at least five different regions of the sample and averaged. According to EN 1149-5: 2008, the surface resistance for antistaticity should be less than 2.5 * 10 ^ 9 ohms.